TONIT Community Champion Badge

TONIT Community Champions

Our one-of-a-kind community is shaped by all kinds of riders, but there are a few individuals who help shape and strengthen everyone's experience in the app—and on the road! We call them our CCs.

Who are the champions?

Some of our most active and engaged community members are part of an official TONIT (unpaid) program that strives to recognize their incredible contributions to the motorcycle scene.

Why be a champion?

TONIT CCs work hard to help build and shape the growing community, so we give them perks! CCs represent our brand in and out of the app and they get behind-the-scenes exclusives—including cool swag to help represent!

What do CCs do?

The TONIT team can't be everywhere and connect with everyone—but our champions do! They're active in the app and on their bikes, they welcome new TONIT community members, and they help keep everyone connected and engaged.

What got me started

When I was 5, my grandfather gifted me a 50cc Suzuki and after a few months, I was hooked.

My club

Together with a few dedicated locals, I post to the Oregon Washington Moto Group. Find local rides and 400+ members there!

Oregon Washington Moto Group

My community

I love chatting about motorcycles and I’m genuinely interested in what YOU are doing. I’ve picked up some motorcycle knowledge along the way, but I have lots to learn. DM me in TONIT!

What got me started

One ride as a passenger and I knew I needed more. It's my passion and part of my lifestyle now. Two years of riding, one major crash, and 30,000 miles later- I live and breathe bikes

My club

I'm a proud admin of The Gear Club.

The Gear Club

My community

I attend rides, am actively engaged on the app, spread the word about TONIT to the riding community, and I am the creator of The Gear Club. Additionally, I traveled on my MT-07 to Canada and rode with the creators of TONIT!

What got me started

I started riding off-road on dirt bikes and quads, and was addicted! In October 2018 moved from dirt to pavement with my first new motorcycle—my 2016 Honda CB500F is as much a part of me as my arm!

My community

I do group rides, attend motorcycle shows, help recruit new members and try to post interesting and fun content that engages and encourages others to be active and attend rides.