TONIT Community Champion Badge

TONIT Community Champions

Our one-of-a-kind community is shaped by all kinds of riders, but there are a few individuals who help shape and strengthen everyone's experience in the app—and on the road! We call them our CCs.

Who are the champions?

Some of our most active and engaged community members are part of an official TONIT (unpaid) program that strives to recognize their incredible contributions to the motorcycle scene.

Why be a champion?

TONIT CCs work hard to help build and shape the growing community, so we give them perks! CCs represent our brand in and out of the app and they get behind-the-scenes exclusives—including cool swag to help represent!

What do CCs do?

The TONIT team can't be everywhere and connect with everyone—but our champions do! They're active in the app and on their bikes, they welcome new TONIT community members, and they help keep everyone connected and engaged.

What got me started

My cousins would rip me around the farm on their dirt bikes. Once introduced into AMA super sport racing in Calgary as a teenager, it was game over from there - I was hooked.

My community

I host get-togethers, group rides and like to help out anyone who needs help. I am an active member within the TONIT community and enjoy socializing often.

What got me started

I’d like to say my dad is one of the reasons I started riding motorcycles. He’s a great teacher and helped me find my passion.

My community

I’m here to help TONIT grow by spreading the word of the app, bringing in new members to the TONIT family, and now creating events to merge these motorcycle communities. Support what you believe in!

What got me started

I became interested in motorcycles when I was young because of my Grand Father who road BMW motorcycles in the 1980's, but I didn't get on a motorcycle until I was in my late 30's. Now I'm hooked!

My community

I try to create engaging content for TONIT with my posts. I really enjoy photography as well and try to take photos of my bike in interesting places and ways. I try to spread the word that TONIT is a great place to share motorcycle content and meet great people that share the passion both in the app and in person.